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Slemon Park
Prince Edward Island

Work, Live, Learn.

Slemon Park Corporation owns and operates a thriving business and residential community in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Think of Slemon Park as a place with everything a person, family or business needs. Slemon Park is a place to work; it’s a place to live; it’s a place to learn.

Created following the closure of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Summerside in 1989, Slemon Park Corporation opened its doors in 1992, following the transfer of base assets.

The corporation redeveloped the military property and infrastructure into a globally competitive business park for aerospace and manufacturing development and public safety training. Slemon Park sits on 1,400 acres of land, and owns more than 830,000 square feet of turnkey commercial and training facilities, including 6 aircraft hangars.

Over the past 25 years, Slemon Park Corporation has continually fostered a positive business environment, forged valuable business and government partnerships, and built a legacy of economic prosperity through the attraction and retention of several reputable organizations. Today, 1,100 people work for Slemon Park’s 20 plus commercial tenants, generating more than 50 million dollars in wages annually.

In addition to hosting a successful business community, Slemon Park also offers a thriving residential community where living is made easy through the inclusion of heat, lawncare, snow removal, and full-time on-call maintenance services in rental fees. Residents can also choose to take advantage of regularly planned social activities, access to the adjacent Confederation Trail, community green spaces, play areas and a dog park. More than 230 families and 700 people have chosen to call Slemon Park home.

Slemon Park amenities, including; the Summerside Airport, Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre, Anson’s Restaurant & Pub, the Slemon Park Health Clinic, and On The Fly Kwik-Way Convenience Store, combine to create a complete business and residential package.

Slemon Park — By the Numbers

A current look at Slemon Park’s business and residential community:

Strategic Development

  • More than 30 separate commercial buildings and 253 residential housing units are managed by Slemon Park on its 1,400 acres of developed and undeveloped land.
  • Over 830,000 square feet of space is available for commercial rent at Slemon Park – the equivalent of approximately 14 football fields; of which 60% is prime commercial space.
  • More than 20 commercial organizations are located at Slemon Park, occupying approximately 85% of all available space.
  • 30% of Prince Edward Island’s manufacturing wages are generated at Slemon Park.
  • In 2017, approximately 1,100 people are employed at Slemon Park, with more than an estimated $50 million in payroll generated for Prince Edward Islanders, their families and their communities.


World-Class Aerospace

  • Slemon Park is credited as the #1 focal point in Prince Edward Island for the development of the province’s aerospace industry.
  • Average employment income in the aerospace and defence related industries is approximately 22% higher than for an average worker in Prince Edward Island.
  • 42% of Prince Edward Island’s aerospace and defence industry is under the age of 34, making it one of the youngest aerospace workforces in Canada. The industry also benefits from low employee turnover.
  • International export revenue from aerospace parts and products manufactured in Prince Edward Island has grown by more than 300% over the last five years. In fact, 3 out of Prince Edward Island’s top 10 international exports are currently aerospace and defence related products.


Training Destination

  • Holland College’s Atlantic Police Academy (APA) has been located at Slemon Park since 1993.
  • More than 21,000 training days were delivered at Slemon Park by APA, the RCMP, Parks Canada, Department of Fisheries, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canada Border Services Agency and other organizations in 2016.


Hotel & Conference Centre

  • Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre sold 12,000 room nights and served 46,000 meals through Anson’s Restaurant and on-site catering in 2016.


Residential Community

  • Slemon Park is home to more than 230 families, and 700 people, living in quality and affordable two, three and four bedroom houses and duplexes.

Economic Impact

MRSB Group has recently completed a 2019 economic impact study focused on Slemon Park. The study, “Slemon Park: Supporting Economic Growth in Prince Edward Island,” explores the economic impact generated by the commercial organizations operating in Slemon Park, Prince Edward Island for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

A full summary of the document can be viewed here.

Our History

The Slemon Park property was established originally in 1941 as RCAF Station Summerside. The base was created in support of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, and became home to No. 9 Service Flying Training School for pilots, No. 53 Air Cadet Squadron, and No. 1 General Reconnaissance School for pilots and navigators. In 1948, the RCAF Air Navigation School was established to provide training for pilots and navigators. As more people came to work and train on the base, more local housing was needed. Starting in 1949, houses, roads, and a school were built, and the new residential area was named Slemon Park in honor of Air Vice Marshall Roy Slemon.

RCAF Station Summerside began a new role in 1953 under Maritime Air Command, as the No. 2. Maritime Operational Training Unit. Then in 1959, the Maritime Proving and Evaluation Unit was established in Summerside, and the contract to build the big cantilever Hangar 8 building was awarded. In February 1968, RCAF Station Summerside was renamed Canadian Forces Base Summerside (CFB Summerside). Later that year, 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron was established as the prime search and rescue unit on Canada’s east coast. The Junior Leadership school was formed in 1974 to develop leadership potential for the Canadian Armed Forces. The 880 Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron and the 420 Air Reserve Squadron moved to Summerside in 1981.

The closure of CFB Summerside was announced in 1989, and in March 1992, the property was transferred to its current owner, Slemon Park Corporation, a commercial and residential property management and development company. Slemon Park now hosts some of the world’s finest companies and training organizations in aviation, aerospace, police and security training, and other commercial activities.

The Air Force Heritage Park at Slemon Park features three vintage aircraft (the Tracker, the Argus, and the Voodoo) as representatives of the many aircraft that were based here in its 50 year history as an air force base, such as the Anson, the Buffalo, the Dakota, the Harvard, the Labrador helicopter, and the Lancaster.

Board of Directors

The members of the Slemon Park Corporation board of directors are elected annually. Our current board members are:

Chairperson – Dr. Tim Olgilvie

Vice Chair – Ramona Roberts

Treasurer – Donna MacKay

Director – Jamie Aiken

Director – Erin McGrath-Gaudet

Director – Shannon Burke

Director – Dianne Schurman

Director – Matt McGuire

Officer – Shawn McCarvill, President, Slemon Park Corporation

Officer – David Keeping, Secretary to the Board, Controller, Slemon Park Corporation


Click here to view Slemon Park’s Tenant Map.

Academy of Learning
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Anson’s Restaurant & Pub
12 Redwood Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Atlantic Police Academy
66 Argus Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
40 Parkway Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Correctional Service Canada
12 Oakwood Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Dance Virtuosa
50 Ashwood Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy
50 Cannon Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Duinkerken Foods Inc.
40E Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Dynamic Controls Canada Inc.
30A Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Fiber Connections
30 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Health PEI
10 Slemon Park Drive, Slemon Park

Home Instead
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

800 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Little Angels Daycare
25 Cherrywood Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Marguerite Connolly Training & Consulting
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

MDS Coating Technologies Corporation
60 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Mind Spark Centre Inc. 
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

New Look Painting
50 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Northern Abrasives
50A Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Off The Wallz
50 Ashwood Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

On The Fly Kwik-Way Convenience
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

P.E.I. Air Cadets
30A Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0
902- 888-3883

P.E.I. Low Energy Homes
900 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

P.E.I. Regiment National Defence RCAC
10 Parkway Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Plex at Slemon Park
45 Juniper Lane
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Prince Edward English Inc.
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Shear Perfection
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Shirley Cares
10 Slemon Park Drive
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Shoreline Malting
1370 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Slemon Park Corporation
30A Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Slemon Park Homes
30A Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre
12 Redwood Avenue
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

800 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Summerside Airport
30A Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Tronosjet Maintenance Inc.
800 Aerospace Boulevard
Slemon Park, PE C0B 2A0

Our Team

Shawn McCarvill
902-432-1704 |

Allan Smith
Vice President – Development
902-432-1710 |

David Anderson
Vice President – Property Management
902-432-1755 |

David Keeping
902-432-1795 |

Larry Gaudet
Director of Training Development
902-432-1716 |

Tracy Shields
Residential Manager
902-432-1740 |
Toll-Free: 1-844-430-1740

Hesham Elsayad
Accommodations Manager
902-432-1780 |

Eric Frenette
Food & Beverage Manager
902-432-1742 |

Lori Rice
Executive Chef
902-432-1786 |

Anna MacNeil
Marketing Officer
902-432-1722 |

Slemon Park in the Community

Slemon Park Corporation’s mandate is to create jobs and wealth in Prince Edward Island.

We fulfill our mandate by facilitating strategic private and public sector investment in the Slemon Park business and residential community.

With investment as the foundation of Slemon Park’s mission, we make investing in the City of Summerside and surrounding areas a priority as well. Supporting economic growth in Prince Edward Island involves contributing to community development – strong communities result in a prosperous economy.

Slemon Park gives back to our local community and Prince Edward Island through:

  • Volunteer Endeavours
  • Partnerships
  • Community Event Participation

Here are some updates from Slemon Park’s most recent community involvement endeavours: