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Slemon Park
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Business Environment

Turnkey Facilities


Business Environment

Slemon Park provides a competitive and cost-efficient business climate that is crucial to helping aerospace companies increase their return on investment, invest more in development, and grow their market share.

Aerospace companies who choose Slemon Park can generate more profit by taking advantage of Prince Edward Island’s Aerospace Tax Rebate program. The Aerospace Tax Rebate incentive is the only provincial aviation-specific tax program in Canada. It includes a full yearly rebate on all corporate income tax paid to the province, and a full yearly rebate of all real property tax relating to ownership or rental of spaces in Prince Edward Island.

It’s no wonder that in a 2016 KPMG Cost Competitive Study, Prince Edward Island’s aerospace industry had the highest net profit after tax amongst 8 major aerospace hubs, including Dallas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Slemon Park’s business environment has proven effective for some of the best-known names in aerospace. The current StandardAero and Honeywell business units at Slemon Park have operated here for over 25 years.

Turn-key Facilities

Slemon Park is uniquely positioned to offer facility solutions for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) in all facets of aerospace, including both fixed-wing and rotor-wing.

Slemon Park’s turn-key facilities allow your company to become operational very quickly, and therefore start generating profit faster.

Current available space at Slemon Park includes five aircraft hangars ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 square feet, with ceiling heights of 20 to 50 feet. Various combinations of office space, breakout workshop space, and access to the Summerside Airport ramp accompany the hangars.

The Summerside Airport is an important asset to the facilities at Slemon Park. It is a full-service fixed-base operator (FBO) that services private, corporate, charter and military clients. The airport offers advantages including; an 8,000-foot newly paved runway, low landing and facility fees, over 300 VFR days per year, an Automated Weather Observing System, and quality service with quick turnaround time.

Current aerospace tenants also enjoy on-site amenities like Slemon Park’s residential community, hotel accommodations and food services, and retail store.


Prince Edward Island takes a developmental approach in partnering with aerospace organizations, aiding their growth potential and ensuring they experience long term success.

Federal and provincial government assistance programs including tax rebates, business loans, and the Innovation and Development Labour Rebate, are tailored to support your business, ensuring it flourishes in Prince Edward Island and beyond.

Many of our existing aerospace tenants have expanded into global operations thanks to the ample, value-rich partnership opportunities available in Prince Edward Island.

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Download our information packet
to learn more about Slemon Park as a unique aerospace opportunity

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