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Slemon Park
Prince Edward Island


Business Environment

Turnkey Facilities


Business Environment

Slemon Park recognizes that businesses need to be profitable in order to experience growth and success. By choosing to conduct operations in Prince Edward Island, manufacturing companies can take advantage of low annual costs for key inputs, labour, facilities, and taxes.

Prince Edward Island is home to a dedicated and available labour market. Slemon Park tenants enjoy access to a workforce that is trained by local post secondary partners, has an average job tenure of approximately nine years, and experiences the second lowest days lost per worker in Canada.

These highly skilled workers are employed by various Slemon Park production facilities. One such operation is Fiber Connections, a market leader of new fiber optic products, whose staff “ensure that their products are made in a very cost-effective manner.”

Turnkey Facilities

Slemon Park’s 800,000 square feet of available commercial space includes over 150,000 square feet of move-in ready manufacturing space. This turnkey infrastructure helps tenants to lower investment costs, and experience profitability quickly. Slemon Park offers competitive and flexible lease rates for such spaces, further enhancing the financial viability for our tenants.

Room for expansion, including commercial lots for sale, makes Slemon Park an attractive location for businesses to grow their operations and capture more market share.

Current Slemon Park tenants also enjoy access to the Summerside Airport, Slemon Park’s private, full-service on-site airport. Slemon Park’s strategic location in Eastern Canada, grants manufacturing companies competitive access to both North American and European markets.

Slemon Park’s commercial manufacturing space is complemented by our on-site residential community, hotel accommodations, food services, and retail store.


Slemon Park has a strong partnership with all levels of government.

Slemon Park’s relationship with both the federal and provincial government has fostered the creation of an open and successful business park that provides cost effective options thanks to low operating costs, and no municipal taxes.

Slemon Park’s partners are committed to helping tenants establish and grow quickly. Slemon Park values the fact that the success of our tenants is directly related our success, and to the economic well-being of Prince Edward Island.

Download our information packet to learn more about Slemon Park as a unique advanced manufacturing opportunity.


Anna MacNeil
Marketing Officer
Tel: 902-432-1722

Download our information packet
to learn more about Slemon Park as a unique advanced manufacturing opportunity.

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