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Slemon Park
Prince Edward Island

Turnkey Training Facilities at Slemon Park

Slemon Park has a range of proven scenario-based infrastructure available for one-time training courses, long term training and permanent training providers. Slemon Park’s training facilities combine with on-site accommodations and food services to create an all-inclusive training destination.

Slemon Park’s training facilities include:

Summerside Airport

The Summerside Airport is Slemon Park’s private on-site airfield. The Summerside Airport is a full service fixed base operator (FBO) that does not host any commercial air traffic, making it readily available space to conduct aviation training and driver education exercises.

The advantages that make Summerside Airport a unique training asset include; a main runway measuring 8,000 by 200 ft., two decommissioned runways utilised for driver training, low landing and facility fees, quick turnaround time and quality, friendly service, 300+ VFR days per year, an Automated Weather Observing System, and extensive ramp service.

Types of training activity that benefit from utilizing the Summerside Airport include:

  • Fixed and rotary wing flight training
  • Search and rescue training
  • Airport security training
  • Driver training

Scenario-Based Training Village

Slemon Park’s scenario based training village caters to a wide variety of scenario-based training endeavours. The village is a series of private paved roadways surrounded by greenspace and several shelters. It has a gated entrance, multiple access points, and is located on the Malpeque Bay.

Types of training activity that benefit from utilizing Slemon Park’s bunker village include:

  • Bomb prevention training
  • Active shooter preparedness training
  • Vehicle takedown training

Slemon Park Training Centre

The Slemon Park Training Centre is a 7,000 sq. ft. facility complete with both a scenario annex and classroom space. It is designed to host various training courses, as well as associated meetings, lectures, briefings and debriefings.

The scenario annex is a two-level space with multiple hallways, stairways, access points and room configurations conducive to a variety of training events. It also includes medium and maximum simulation prison ranges/cell blocks.

The connected classroom space has three meeting rooms and two breakout rooms.

Types of training activity that benefit from utilizing the Slemon Park Training Centre include:

  • Active shooter preparedness training
  • Room clearance training
  • Lecture based courses

Atlantic Police Academy

Slemon Park and Holland College’s Atlantic Police Academy, located on-site, are training partners providing facility solutions. The training assets and services of the two entities combine to create a unique and complete training opportunity.

As mentioned above, Slemon Park offers the Summerside Airport, a scenario-based training village, the Slemon Park training centre, as well as accommodations and food services. As part of the Atlantic Police Academy partnership, we can also provide the following:

  • Outdoor firing range
  • Indoor firing range
  • Driving simulator
  • Use of force simulator
  • Indoor crime scene village
  • Fire training facilities
  • Physical fitness facilities
  • Experienced instructors

Our campus-style location means that everything is within walking distance. 

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