Eastern Canada’s premiere scenario-based training destination, Slemon Park has customized its facilities to meet the needs of such organizations as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Border Services Agency, Corrections Canada, and Department of National Defense.  Because we have accommodated such varied organizations, we have a range of proven scenario-based training structures in place. If our existing staging areas do not perfectly suit your requirements, we’re willing to work with you to find a solution.   There’s a good reason why we are Eastern Canada’s first choice for scenario-based training. 

Add the Summerside Airport, Slemon Park Hotel and Conference Centre, Anson’s Restaurant & Bar, and The Canadian Centre of Public Safety Excellence(ccpse.ca), you get a one-stop destination for all your training needs.

Our scenario–based training facilities include             

  • Slemon Park Training Centre/Scenario Annex
  • Bunker Compound
  • Defensive Tactics Training Room
  • Summerside Airport – Including aviation training and driver training


Slemon Park Corporation and Holland College 's Atlantic Police Academy have established a partnership to create The Canadian Centre of Public Safety Excellence, a one stop training solution for Public Safety Training.  




For more information, please contact:
Larry Gaudet, Director of Training Development
Phone: (902) 432-1716
Fax: (902) 888-3078
Email: lgaudet@slemonpark.com