Slemon Park, Atlantic Canada's premiere aerospace and business park, has more than 40 tenants who employ almost 1000 local residents. It's a thriving and vibrant place, but it's a business park ready for expansion. Whether you' re looking for constructed space or space to suit your own building needs, there's room for you and plenty of incentives for you to come here.

Please look at the lots and facilities available for you to rent or lease. And remember that the headings are only suggestions; some of the properties listed under Aerospace, for example, are suitable for other kinds of commercial ventures, from film and television production to manufacturing to auctions and trade shows.

Remember too that you're not just getting space: onsite facilities include the Summerside Airport, the Slemon Park Hotel and Conference Centre, Anson's Restaurant & Bar, On The Fly Convenience Store and much more. If you can conceive of it, we can host it.